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Dr. Maiysha Clairborne

Dr. Maiysha Clairborne

Dr. Maiysha Clairborne is an American Board Certified Family Physician, Holistic Wellness Consultant, Life Balance & Fulfillment Coach. The founder of Mind Body Spirit Wellness Inc., she has facilitated her clients in achieving and maintaining physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being for nearly a decade. Dr. Clairborne began her journey at Emory University completing her Bachelors in Psychology, and then went on to complete her medical degree at Morehouse School of Medicine. 

We all want our children to eat healthy. Here are three quick tips to maximize the nutrition in your child's diet. 1. Increase vitamin D Vitamin D is an important vitamin and hormone in children’s bodies. It not only helps the body absorb calcium t...
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Sometimes you just need a bit of comfort food and this slow cooker Mississippi Roast won't fail to deliver. Serve it with mashed sweet potatoes for a completed satisfying meal. Enjoy! Ingredients 3 pounds chuck roastSalt and pepper to taste1/4 cup ...
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We’re focusing on making fitness fun. And this month your challenge is to create a fun fitness date with your spouse or your significant other. Now earlier in the month we talked about the value of having an accountability partner, but what if that a...
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Stress is a common feature in the lives of many American citizens, whether it is due to our career, financial situation, or family life. Studies show that 3 out of 4 Americans experience stress at levels that cause them to experience a range stress r...
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Pasta e Fagioli simply means pasta and beans. This soup is really easy to make and is packed with vitamins from all the veggies. Soups are so great because you can make a huge batch and freeze half for another day and they are generally really inexpe...
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