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Vegetarian Lentil Chili


Vegetarian Lentil Chili: A hearty meatless chili that will surely spice up your life and not leave you missing the meat. This dish is high in protein, fiber and taste. Enjoy!!

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No matter how much I sleep, I still feel tired all the time. What could that mean?


That's a great question, and I'm sure you aren't alone on this. In fact, I've seen many patients who have come to me, who are tired all the time, no matter how much they sleep, and sometimes feel like they are even sleeping too much.

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Avoiding the Holiday Weight Gain


The holiday season has begun, and everyone is in the Christmas spirit. This means parties, treats, and sugary snacks will be at an all time high. It is shown that the average person gains 1-2 pounds each holiday, and after the new year most people do not work to lose those pounds. Over time this weight gain accumulates and we eventually see a 10-20lb weight gain or sometimes more. With this in mind, here are some tips for avoiding the holiday weight gain this year.

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Slow Cooker Potato and Corn Chowder

The slow cooker can be your best friend in the busiest of times. While you are busy at work, helping kids with homework, and picking up the house, the slow cooker is lending a hand by ensuring dinner will be ready whenever you are. This vegetarian recipe for slow cooker potato and corn chowder is a particular favorite in my house. Chopped red potatoes and corn are thrown into the crock pot with some vegetable stock, herbs and aromatics. The soup bubbles low and slow for many hours until the potatoes and onions become tender and the flavors meld together. I like to throw in some freshly chopped flat leaf parsley at the end to add a fresh flavor to the chowder. You can serve this chowder on its own or in sourdough bread bowl. Enjoy!!
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In the Kitchen with Dr. Maiysha: Making an Alkaline Smoothie


The trending topic now is how to make your body more alkaline. Another more popular topic is juicing. So I figured what we do is put the two together and make an alkaline juice for you to drink and help to cleanse your body. We have a lemon, avocado, some celery, cucumber, parsley, some garlic, and just some ice. That’s all you need. So a lot of these have great detox and cleansing element, and they will help to make your body more alkaline so you can help to fight off infections and just keep your body in a healthy state.

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